Dental Clinic

Providing Care To Our Neighbors

Dental care is an issue that has been severely overlooked for our refugee neighbors.


Areca Nut (Beetle Nut) user with left side of mouth clean.

We are expanding access to oral healthcare to refugees which will reduce and eliminate oral disease that relates to poor systemic health including diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease, and low birth weight for infants in the population we serve.

The Story

Carolyn Anello has a heart for oral health. As a registered dental hygienist and co-founder of Project Worthmore, Carolyn wanted to use her skills to help improve the oral health of refugees. In November 2012 Carolyn was invited to travel to the boarder of Thailand /Burma to provide dental hygiene services to refugees. After going to Thailand, Carolyn was inspired to do more to improve the oral health of refugees at home in Colorado. Then in November 2013, an opportunity arose when Cherry Hills Dental (Dr. Michael Schwab, D.M.D., Dr. John Pfalzgraf, D.D.S., and Dr. Bryan Gibbs D.D.S.) agreed to donate $30,000 in used dental equipment to Project Worthmore to start a refugee focused dental clinic.

Carolyn Anello cleaning teeth at the mobile clinic in Mae Sariang, Thailand
Compliance with SB17-65