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Passion, Creativity, & Simplicity equals awesome fundraisers. Most people ask others to sponsor their Charity Run, or invite friends and family to give on behalf of their birthday. You can also host a House Party, BBQ, or Garage Sale that lead people to give. Or sometimes simply asking people to support the cause is the way to go. The ideas are endless and starting a fundraising page is easy.
Get started below!

Develop Your Fundraising Idea

Make it unique to you and keep it simple!

Create Your Fundraising Page

This makes your fundraiser easy to share and easy to give to.

Share It With Your Friends

Tell people “Why” your fundraising and follow our tips.

Follow Through To The End!

A successful fundraiser requires commitment and follow through.


Get Started


Step 1

Your first step in the process will be to create a fundraising page. Be sure to give your page a “Title” and a short “Description” of who you are and why people should give to the cause. Select the campaign that you’re fundraising for and don’t forget to upload a good picture of yourself!



Create A Fundraising Page

Step 2

Once you’ve created your page make sure your picture uploaded correctly and double check that your Title and Description reads the way you want it. Also bookmark and save the link to this page. This is a unique link to your fundraising page that you will share with friends and family.

Ex: https://projectworthmore.dntly.com/fundraiser/running-for-refugees

p2p fundraising page


Step 3

Share your fundraiser with your friends and family. Go to our “Tips for Fundraising” page and follow the plan on how to run a successful fundraising campaign.

Tips for Fundraising