Project Worthmore is Hiring a Volunteer and Family Partner Program Coordinator

The Volunteer and Family Partner Program Coordinator is responsible for communicating with potential and current volunteers and matching them to available positions as well as communicating with and coordinating our existing volunteer pool (over 500 individuals).  The Coordinator is also responsible for the Family Partner program, which works to facilitate friendships, provide a sense of inclusion and inspire cross-cultural understanding. The coordinator pairs refugee and American families with the hopes of developing meaningful relationships that aid in social bridging.

Position/Title: Volunteer and Family Partner Program Coordinator
Reports to: Director of Operations
Status:   Part Time/Non-Exempt
Hours: Appx. 25 hours/week

Volunteer Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Confidently speak to the general mission of PWM and its programs as well as the general situation of refugees (resettlement process, countries of origin, needs, etc.)
  • Conduct monthly volunteer orientation for new/ potential volunteers
  • Communicate with relevant staff regarding volunteer needs and place volunteers into appropriate volunteer roles. Make introductions as necessary/ appropriate
  • Manage all aspects of volunteer communication (email, phone calls, newsletters, etc.)
  • Develop meaningful ways to appreciate volunteers for their work
  • Develop and implement a yearly volunteer appreciation party
  • Communicate with and educate local groups on PWM’s mission and programs

Family Partner Program Responsibilities

  • Communicate with PWM community navigators to identify refugee families who could benefit from the program
  • Train and support family partners to create the best environment to nurture developing friendships
  • Conduct evaluations to ensure that families are satisfied and upholding the agreement

Tracking and Reporting

  • Process all applications, paperwork and background checks on accepted volunteers
  • Maintain Salesforce and Send Out Cards database of contact information for volunteers
  • Track volunteer hours for organization and program areas as requested  

Volunteer Coordination/Placement/Management

  • Create from scratch or edit past years’ volunteer plans in coordination with Event Director and edit it over time as event details shift
  • Work with Events Director & Volunteer Coordinator to understand volunteers’ skill sets; volunteers who have been leaders in past events, etc.
  • Place volunteers in shifts of their choice appropriate with their availability, skill set, etc.
  • Manage volunteer team during event


  • Attend monthly staff meeting
  • Check and respond to email at least once at the beginning of your work day and before your work day ends- respond to phone calls and emails within a day when possible
  • Accept additional tasks and duties as assigned by the Executive Director or Director of Operations

Candidate Profile


  • Commitment to Project Worthmore’s mission and values
  • Excellent communication, organization, and interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable with managing others and delegating tasks
  • Self-directed, motivated and effective time management
  • Ability to exercise initiative and judgment and make decisions within the scope of assigned responsibilities
  • Ability to collaborate with others, listen, and communicate relevant information
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality in relation to clients, staff and volunteer issues, and use discretion in communicating confidential information
  • Ability to gather information and assess needs rapidly and accurately
  • Ability to maintain emotional control under stress
  • Ability to work some weekday evenings


  • Experience within a multicultural environment
  • Experience in managing volunteers
  • Comfort with technology or willingness to learn (Google Drive, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, etc.)

Physical Demands

  • Physical activity, which includes lifting heavy objects and/or extended time on one’s feet
  • Ability to see and hear within normal parameters

If interested, please send resume to by June 15th