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Finding Refuge Trans.Mustard

Whether in faith tradition, a weekend hobby, or a loved one’s arms, REFUGE is a safe haven – a sanctuary from the hard realities of life, literally or symbolically. What is your refuge? How can this universal need cultivate a sense of connection among otherwise distinct groups of people?


What is your refuge Trans.Mustard

Through this year’s Our Neighbors, Ourselves art exhibit we will explore the need to cultivate a sense of connection and how this can build increased empathy and understanding among distinct groups of people.

“When I paint I don’t make an illustration to create a pretty picture. For me, to ‘build’ a painting is a meditative process on the subject matter.

The matter at hand for Our Neighbor’s Ourselves has always been the connection to the people for me. What situations do people find themselves in; what is common and what is distinct. The notes I pull upon is retaining dignity, humanity, a sense of home, inevitably a sense of hope.

This year I hope to bring work which explores the living space in an IDP camp, which becomes the setting for daily routine. With the constriction and constraints, resilience begins and life moves on. I am honored that my visual dialogue can go to funds that help reinstate that hope while inviting others to process their own definition of home.”

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ONO award winning artist, 

Ryan Sand









Appetizers by Lucas Chandler & Jeff Webb of Blank Slate, former chefs of il Posto.

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This will all take place at the newly renovated and highly anticipated…

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